NHS must treat 10% more non-urgent cases a month to reduce backlog

Chris Inggs January 11. 2024
The NHS is facing a significant challenge in reducing its pandemic-induced backlog, needing to treat at least 10% more non-emergency cases each month.

Despite plans to increase capacity by 30% by 2025, the waiting list for non-urgent care in England remains high, with over 6 million people awaiting treatment. Urgent care services are also under strain, with increasing waiting times in A&E and slower ambulance response times. Additional beds promised by the government have not met targets, exacerbating the issue.

The Surgical Consortium plays a crucial role in alleviating these pressures. By deploying NHS consultants on the grounds of NHS Trusts, taking over administrative tasks and championing Super Weekends, we help hospitals tackle these challenges more effectively, ensuring patients receive timely and quality care whilst contributing to recovery targets.

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