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High-quality, in-the-community imaging, remote diagnosis & onward referral

Skin Cancer Clinics

We have extensive experience across the patient cancer care pathway, managing the clock-stops and onward referrals in a timely manner

See & Treat Clinics

Comprehensive clinics for one stop patient experience

Minor Operations

Minor outpatient operations ranging from biopsies & cryotherapy to "cut & shut" lesion removals

Overall satisfaction with dermatological treatment & minor operations

99.0,0 %

Satisfaction Score of 99%, based on post-surgery patient surveys

Success rate of all Dermatology surgical procedures

97.0,0 %

Maintaining a complication rate below 3% across all surgical procedures

Dermatology in the South East Case Study

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Pleased with initiative
0 %
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Questions & Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions

No. TSC prides itself on not cherry-picking the surgical cases we undertake thereby leaving the trust with a legacy of difficult surgery. We offer local, regional and general anaesthetic surgical services. We only ever undertake GA surgery when absolutely required and our experienced surgeons are able to safely perform many procedures under RA or LA that would traditionally been undertaken under GA. There are, however, certain patients that are not suitable to be safely operated on a weekend day. We will make the trust aware of the exclusion citeria and the patients will be triaged ahead of time to ensure safety.

Yes. Where pre-assessments are required, TSC will undertake them. We aspire to own the as much of the pathway as possible.

We have a dedicated Clinical Nurse Specialist telephone line that is monitored 7 days a week. Patients are informed of this number on an information leaflet provided to them post surgery. We also operate wound review clinics and telephonically contact patients after a period of time post surgery. Any complications are addressed by TSC.

We provide all services at a significant discount to the National Tariff. We only bill for work completed and do not charge for DNA's or any of the additional administrative services we provide. We work with you to understand your PTL to provide a bespoke quote depending on your needs.

The timeline for implementing insourced solutions can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of the client. We work closely with our clients to develop a customised implementation plan that meets their timelines and objectives. We run a comprehensive mobilisation plan to ensure this is done safely and maintain high clinical standards.

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