We mobilise quickly in a structured & transparent manner



What’s causing your waiting list? Staff shortages? A surge in demand for services? How urgently do your patients require treatment and what are the demographics and conditions? Once we understand your waiting list issues, the pressures your department are under and your constraints, we can help you reduce your RTT waiting times with a tailor-made insourcing service.



All of our clinical leads are leaders in their field and have extensive experience handling large NHS departments. Taking on board your information, they will draft a proposal to help you reduce waiting times, illustrating how we plan to achieve the results, according to your deadlines and with the available resources.


Site visit

The key to a successful insourcing service is a positive collaboration between your team and ours. The next step is to meet with you to talk about your challenges and take a walk around your department to meet your teams. Our aim is to work as an integral part of your department.


Contracts & data sharing agreements

We complete Data Sharing Impact Assessments & sign a contractual agreement with the trust, detailing the terms of engagement and the responsibilities of both parties.



No matter how good the plan is, it will only be a success if all of the relevant stakeholders are engaged. Engage with our planning process, after which we will finalise the detailed implementation plan. Access to local systems & training (where required) is undertaken in this phase.



We customise our systems based on your PTL data, integrating appointment booking bots, automated letter templates, management reports, and communication channels to facilitate the smooth delivery of your objectives.



We start slowly and in a controlled manner, then ramp up in order to rapidly & safely have an impact.


Continuous Review & Reporting

We arrange management meetings, feedback sessions and detailed reports to ensure all of your objectives are being met. After delivery or every month, depending on your contract, we carry out a full clinical and management audit, overseen by our clinical leads, and everyone in your department is kept fully informed.

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