NHS Frameworks - controlling supplier standards & expediting procurement

What are NHS frameworks?

A detailed procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that suppliers selected are appropriate in terms of meeting all legislative requirements and therefore no formal tendering is required. Direct call-offs or a suppliers can be invited to participate in a "Mini Competition".

Direct Call-Off or Mini-Competion?

Direct call-offs can be made to a trusted provider without the requirement for a formal tendering process or mini-competition. A mini-competition can also be run where several providers are invited to submit standardised proposals for a body of work. Not all service offerings are the same and we would welcome the opportunity to distinguish ourselves.

Which NHS frameworks are we on?

The Surgical Consortium are members of 4 frameworks:

North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative
Shared Business Services Insourcing of Clinical Services
The Countess of Chester Insourcing Framework
The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership Framework

Benefits of NHS Frameworks?

Partnering with The Surgical Consortium within NHS frameworks offers several key advantages

Quality Assurance

Frameworks uphold rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that services provided meet the highest standards of care and safety.


By leveraging the framework's collective purchasing power, NHS Trusts can access our services at competitive rates, optimizing their budgets.

Time Efficiency

Framework agreements streamline the procurement process, reducing administrative burdens and expediting service delivery.


Frameworks encourage innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, benefiting patient care and outcomes.