Supporting Services


We provide a range of supporting services that are included, either as part of the insourcing package, or in support of your existing service

A range of services designed for efficiency

Patient booking automation

Utilising cutting-edge technology and GDPR-compliant AI chatbots, we provide patients with flexible appointment booking options. Patients can easily receive answers to inquiries and reach out to a person if needed. Automated appointment letters and reminders streamline the process, allowing patients to manage their appointments, resulting in a demonstrable reduction of the DNA rate to below 1%

Letter transcription

All dictations & subsequent subscriptions can be taken over by our team, sent out to the patient & GP, then uploaded to your internal systems

Diagnostics Support

We collaborate with private diagnostics teams to seamlessly integrate electronic requests with our systems, ensuring rapid turnaround of results and shortening the patient pathway

Patient pathway reporting

Local systems don't talk to each other? We are able to consolidate data and provide a holistic view of where a patient is on the pathway, progress metrics etc.


Our Telederm service enables GPs to conveniently schedule patients for high-resolution photographs taken by qualified medical photographers in the community. Dermatologists remotely diagnose these images promptly, coordinating further steps such as surgical booking by our teams, discharge, or referral to local teams as necessary

Virtual pre-assessments

Fully customisable pre-assessment questionnaires are sent to patients electronically to complete. If required, these are followed up in a remote consultation with a pre-assessment nurse

Virtual patient information & consent

Consenting patients can be time-consuming, limiting daily surgical appointments. Digital content can be sent to inform patients about procedures and address FAQs, reducing time spent on explanation. AI chatbots, specially trained for patient interaction, record inquiries and concerns for clinicians beforehand. Pre-appointment digital acknowledgments streamline the consent process, minimising time spent on the day

PTL Validation

Based on our experience, up to 30% of patients on treatment lists may not require further treatment. We'll review and validate your waiting list to ensure its accuracy, providing you with a focused list for targeted treatment. Additionally, we'll offer a proposal to help you manage and streamline the list effectively

Let us help you shorten the patient pathways

Let's have a discussion about how we can bring about efficiencies in your pathways

Questions & Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions - please get in touch.

Yes. Pathway efficiencies can be made without the full insourcing project being established; however, should you want to rapidly gain control of your waiting list, all of these services are provided free-of-charge as part of the insourcing offering

Our systems and processes all adhere to stringent standards and guidelines with respect to data protection

All our systems are cloud-based, meaning we can grant you access to them. You local systems remain the authoritative source and will be kept up to date by our teams, either electronically or manually

We will provide all the evidence of our compliance, ranging from ISO to cyber security accreditations. A Data Sharing Impact Analysis will be undertaken and various data sharing agreements can be provided and will be signed by us with the trust

Evidence has shown that the majority of patients engage with our digital solutions. A contact number is always provided and, a failure to respond is followed up by our teams

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